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Website Launch

March 10, 2010

As previously mentioned, I have started my own website, and proudly announce the initial launch of my website, “Elephant Wisdom.”

This website, is a concerted effort to be a positive impact in our lives. “Here at Elephant Wisdom, we are committed to provide assistance on how to understand, communicate with, and succeed with the proverbial “elephants” in our lives.

The website is located at:

Acknowledgement of Gratitude:  A million thanks to my friends Leslie and Michelle, for your insight, assistance, and encouragement!

And to all, remember to let God rub off on you.  Just as the others that we are around rub off on us, so can God.  Thank you to all my friends for rubbing off on me, for you have had a positive effect on my life, I hope the feeling is mutual.  Afterall, we are all here on this planet for each other.